Ex Machina Review

The Age of Ava! There are no strings on her!

Ex Machina is the story of Caleb (played by Domhnall Gleeson) who wins the chance to spend the week with his boss, creator of a google-esque search engine, called Nathan (Oscar Isaac). When Caleb arrives he is given a proposition by Nathan that he can test the world’s first Artificial Intelligence and, of course, Caleb can’t decline. Caleb then falls for Ava (the name chosen by the AI) while Nathan is watching them. Nathan tells Caleb that Ava will be improved upon and memory wiped, so Caleb has to decide whether he wants to save Ava or whether Ava is just playing him and she just wants to escape. The film continues to take twists and turns and makes you think so I won’t spoil that.

The performances by the tiny cast are perfect! They really make you think about whose side you are on and because the movie makes you think you really aren’t sure so because the performances are amazing you route for all of them. Oscar Isaac is perfect and feels like a real Steve Jobs kind of guy but a bit more quirky and mysterious. Domhnall’s character feels like a normal person and you can tell that he is really falling for this AI. Alicia Vikander destroys her role as Ava and it feels like you are watching a real AI. The CGI used on Ava again was amazing and looks incredibly real.

Overall, I rate Ex Machina 10/10! It reminded me a lot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Her which are also incredible because they are these quirky sci-fi films that sneak under the radar because they aren’t a blockbuster. If you enjoyed them then you will love Ex Machina and if you enjoy Ex Machina then definitely check out those 2 films. Alex Garland, making his directing debut with this film, clearly has a massive future ahead of him.

What do you guys think of Ex Machina?

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