Avengers: Age of Ultron Review (Spoilers)

So the sequel one of the biggest films of all time is here! And it was good. Very good! (Yes this may contain spoilers)

So Age of Ultron picks up pretty much a few weeks after the events of Captain America Winter Soldier, the movie straight away goes into the Avengers hunting down Baron Von Strucker and Loki’s staff. The battle doesn’t last too long but they come across the Maximoff twins (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver), who as we saw at the end of Winter Soldier got their powers from Loki’s staff. We go back to Avengers Tower and Tony Stark finds out the staff could help create artificial intelligence to help protect the world. This leads to the AI waking up and making its own body from Iron Man drones and interrupts the party scene that we have seen in the trailer. Then Ultron escapes and makes another body and recruits the Maximoff twins. Ultron then goes to Africa to find Vibranium (what Captain America’s shield is made out of) and then we meet Ulysses Klaw (played by Andy Serkis, not in mocap) who has been storing the Vibranium, but this is set up for Blank Panther. But the Avengers then work out this is what Ultron is going after and they fight and Scarlet Witch controls Thor’s, Captain America’s and Scarlet Witch’s mind giving them glimpses at the past and future. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch escape but Scarlet Witch wants to control the Hulk and then we get the Hulkbuster vs the Hulk. After that epic fight, we see Ultron escape with Vibranium and then we find out he is gonna use some Vibranium to create another version of himself. But Scarlet Witch goes to read this new version of ultron’s mind and sees destruction, so the Maximoff twins leave. The Avengers find where Ultron is hiding and so Ultron goes to finish the creation of this new body and we get the twins joining the Avengers to help stop Ultron. But Avengers get their hands on the body (which has one of the infinity stones in) and he becomes the Vision. Then the final fight happens between the Avengers and Ultron and his legion of drones, because Ultron has a device in place which would destroy the world. So this amazing epic fight happens and SHIELD comes to help evacuate people from the city. Now this is a big shock and BIG SPOILER but as Hawkeye goes to save a child (as it felt like his story was heavily developed in this film) and you think he is going to die but Quicksilver runs and saves him but Quicksilver dies, which wasn’t a massive shock because they developed Scarlet Witch more and I reckon there was deal done with Fox where Fox get to use Quicksilver and Marvel get to use Scarlet Witch. The film ends with Thor returning to Asgard, Tony Stark retiring?, Bruce Banner being lost, Hawkeye returning to his family, and Captain America looking to lead some new Avengers which we see as The Vision, Scarlet Witch, War Machine and the Falcon and the other characters who are getting their own movies (Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther). The mid credit scene was a let down with it just being the Infinity Gauntlet being picked up by Thanos and him saying he is just gonna do it by himself. No sorry, no Spiderman which was a little disappointing, maybe we will for Antman.

I did really enjoy Age of Ultron but I was very slightly let down, maybe because I was expecting the best Movie ever but if you go in looking at the film and just letting it be what it is, it is very good. For me, Scarlet Witch stole the film, Elizabeth Olsen was perfect for the role, the accents aren’t too bad but I don’t think they were necessarily needed. The Vision was awesome too and I am excited for the future of that character. The Avengers spend most of the time as a team which is great to see and they did feel like a family and they all get their moments to stand out. The Banner and Black Widow romance felt very forced but I understand why they did it for the story going forward. James Spader as Ultron was perfect. Marvel villains have been known to be a bit forgettable apart from Loki but everyone will remember Ultron, he kicked ass!

Overall, I give the Avengers Age of Ultron a strong 8/10. It was very good! Amongst Marvel films I would rank it perhaps 3rd or 4th behind Guardians and the first Iron Man but this Avengers film is on par with the first Avengers.

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