Gotham Season 1 Review

So the first season of the TV show about Gotham before Batman leaves everyone wondering, how are so many villains around before Batman?!

Gotham tells the story of Jim Gordon as he joins the Gotham Police Department. Throughout the show, we see the origins of Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Falcones and Arkham Asylum. Does that seem like too much yet? Yes it does

The show to me doesn’t work because we know that Jim Gordon fails which is why Batman comes along. Jim is the only good person in Gotham really. We have a very young Bruce Wayne and a younger Alfred but these 3 people are the only good people. But like I said, we know Jim fails and we are at least 10 years away from Bruce becoming Batman. We are just seeing the rise of villains which could be interesting but it just isn’t. The show just doesn’t feel right as the villains are just too young! The performances are okay by the actors. I think Ben McKenzie makes a good Jim Gordon and he saves the show. The rest of the show feels very campy and feels like a comic book in a bad way, unlike the better comic book shows like Arrow and The Flash.

The rating of each episode varies from being around 6-7 maximum to as low as 3-4 when the episodes aren’t that great. The show very nearly lost me a lot because it just feels that the same thing happens each week. I stayed with it because I love the characters and I think the show had real potential and it is a great idea but for me it just did not succeed at what it wants to do. I really hope that the show learns from this season and listens to the fans and improves a lot next season, instead of teasing us with characters we know are gonna get worse until Batman who is a long way away and gives us some new interesting characters from outside of the comics. I don’t like that they are doing Krypton too because we all know that it is gonna explode, stupid idea for a show!

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