Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Review

The red capes are coming! The red capes are coming! So are the black capes!!

With Marvel Studios not turning up to San Diego Comic Con, it was over to DC to steal the show and they certainly did! Minutes after the Batman V Superman panel, that was shown during the panel, Warner Brothers released the 3 and a half minutes long trailer online so everyone’s mind could be blown!

The trailer starts with Superman entering a courtroom, probably to talk to about the world about why he is here and if he is friend or foe and to pay for the destruction he caused in metropolis. When then get a shot of Bruce Wayne in the city when Superman’s battle with Zod was going on in Man of Steel and we see him running through the smoke as one of his buildings is being destroyed and he does not look happy. We then get some cool shots of the Batcave and Bruce Wayne followed by Clark Kent talking about the “terror” of Batman causes. Then Martha Kent talks about how Superman doesn’t owe the world anything and it really looks and sounds like the film will focus on the world deciding whether Superman is a good guy or someone they should be worried about. Lex turns up and we can presume he is going to lose his hair probably towards the end of the film and it looks like Lexcorp has Zod’s body which they could be experimenting on. Next we get to see Wonder Woman in action for the first and she looks good but obviously too soon to say.

We see a lot of destruction being caused which I think the trailer makes us think is from Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman fighting but I think it is something that Lexcorp has made like a clone of Zod or Doomsday maybe which could be setting up Justice League. There are a lot of easter eggs in this trailer like the Robin costume with Joker’s writing on it, Kryptonite and nods to the comics.

This trailer really got me excited for Batman v Superman and I now have a lot of faith in the film. I can not wait for 2016!

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