Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace – What I Would Have Done Differently

I am a massive fan of Star Wars! Literally I nearly cry when I watch The Force Awakens Teasers! Seriously, Star Wars is amazing (including prequels) but it isn’t flawless. Here is what I would change about Episode 1.

Because of what was set up in 4,5 and 6, making changes to 1, 2 and 3 are simple. The film should have started with Obi Wan by himself. Qui Gon was not needed! We wanted this bromance between Obi Wan and Anakin but we got this forced apprenticeship by Obi Wan as it was Qui Gon’s dying wish! The 3 prequels should have focused on Obi Wan no questions asked! Now Gungans, I was okay with the Gungans but there was one who was not needed called Jar Jar Binks. He wasnt needed and was just annoying throughout the film. We could have a serious Gungan but I dont want any! We could easily have the people of Naboo fighting and helping Obi Wan rescue Princess Amidala.

So the film starts out with Obi Wan doing a small mission where he could take out a couple of Bounty hunters or something and he retrieves an artifact and when he radios in to the Jedi base he finds that he is needed on Naboo. When he is flying there he sees the massive droid army waiting above the planet and Obi Wan decides he needs to get people out. So after landing he heads straight for the palace and gets word to Princess Amidala, who insists on going with Obi Wan. They manage to get a word to a commander who is going to get word to the rest of the planet. Their ship takes a hit when leaving so they need to get it fixed so they go to the nearest planet which happens to be Tatooine. While looking for parts they find this rough teenager who is fighting in bars and pod racing (cos that was pretty cool). Obi Wan senses the force in him but isn’t sure about him. His parents are already dead so we don’t need his mother in the film (and we dont need to go back in episode 2). But yeah he agrees to leave and learn the ways of the force but he is turned down cos he is too old and Yoda feels that he has a dark future, also we learn that Yoda was Obi Wan’s old master. Obi Wan takes Anakin to Naboo to help with the fight because there is a sudden invasion. The Jedi go with Obi Wan to take Naboo back and destroy the droid army. Obi Wan and Anakin go with a few jedi and protect the Princess while she goes to take back the palace. We see the Jedi destroying loads of droids and how easy it is but once they get to the palace a couple of the Jedi are met by a sith lord, who was waiting for them Darth Maul and his double ended lightsaber and he has an awesome battle between Obi Wan and some other random Jedi (we will say Kit Fisto cos I always liked him). The other Jedi is killed and the fight goes on but Darth Maul finds Anakin who is amongst battle (with a blaster) but Anakin picks up the dead jedi’s lightsaber after seeing how easy the Jedi found it and tries to fight but gets his arm cut off. Obi wan pushes him out the way and fights Darth Maul but Maul gets away. The film ends with the Jedi burning the bodies of the Jedi that were killed and the Jedi reluctantly allows Anakin to train with Obi Wan after seeing that he had a little bit of skill with a lightsaber. The film ends with Darth Maul returning to the Emperor and saying the war has only just begun.

What do you guys think of my version of Episode 1?

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