Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones – What I Would Have Done Differently

Episode 2 is my least favourite Star Wars to be honest so here is what I would change.

So my Episode 2 would pick up a few years after the events of my Episode 1. Anakin would be a young adult with is own blue lightsaber now but he would still not be perfect with the force and we would see him progress throughout the film and getting cockier. The opening scroll says the this new army of storm troopers has been made to fight for the Republic due to the casualties in Episode 1 and so that the Jedi’s shouldn’t get involved because they are peacekeepers. The film opens up with Obi Wan and Anakin in their ships fighting their way through a battle in space to try and reach the surface of a planet we haven’t seen before (maybe Alderaan). The battle has been going on for a long time and is basically lost by the time the Jedi reach the surface, where a young bounty hunter, Jango Fett is leading the charge against the Republic along side Darth Maul. The Republic try to help but they lose this battle. The Jedi regroup on Coruscant and discuss their next move. Anakin wants to go back and protect Amidala on Naboo. Obi Wan refuses and Anakin tries to contact Amidala but she turns him away. While Obi Wan goes to the base of Storm troopers to discuss how many troopers they have in the army. Turns out they have lost alot of troopers in the battles but they have been working on Clones. Obi Wan finds out that these clones are actually based of Jango Fett. Obi Wan flies to Geonosis and learns from the Jedi there are rumours of a battle on the planet. We find that while on Naboo, Anakin killed alot of people who he thought were plotting against Amidala including some of her closest guards, Anakin tells Padme that he did this for her but she still gets very angry at him. Anakin travels to Geonosis frustrated after being shot down by Amidala. His anger takes the better of him during the battle and Obi Wan feels this and takes away his lightsaber til he is calm. The battle starts but the Republic are instantly outnumbered. Anakin joins the battle destroying a lot of droids to the surprise of the other Jedi. Anakin fights his way to Jango where you can still see his aggression coming out as he kills Jango. Anakin starts to hear the Emperors voice in his head as he fights. Yoda and the Clones arrive and take on the remaining Droids. Obi Wan and Anakin meet Darth Maul and Jango Fett in a room as they try to escape. The battle is intense as Obi Wan manages to take down Maul but he isn’t killed as Jango is close to destroying Anakin in the battle where Anakin’s lightsaber is destroyed but Jango picks up his lightsaber and Anakin picks up Maul’s lightsaber which gets cut in half and Obi Wan catches up but Anakin gets put on his knees and Obi Wan jumps in front saving his life as Jango is forced off the edge of a cliff. They turn and Maul is gone. The film ends with Obi Wan shouting at Anakin and his recklessness as the war seems all but over. Anakin goes to the Palpetine for help and Palpetine telling him about the Dark side.

This was a hard one to change. This was the worst film in my opinion. I think there just needed to be more of the war in this film. I was a little vague on the middle of the film because I wasn’t too sure but it would be all be build for the epic final act of the film but leave enough for episode 3

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What do you guys think of my changes to Episode 2?

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