Ted 2 Review

The Thunder Buddies are back!

Ted 2 stars Seth MacFarlane as Ted, Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, Amanda Seyfried as Samantha Johnson and Jessica Barth as Tami-Lynn, as well as a lot of cameos.

Ted 2 starts with Ted getting married to Tami-Lynn and at the reception we find out that John’s relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis) only lasted a few months before they got divorced. A few months into the marriage, Ted realises the same thing is happening to him so he decides that they should have a baby. Of course, this fails even with the help of John. Then while trying to adopt it is brought up that only a person can adopt, and Ted is classed as property. Ted decides to fight this case and try to, legally, become a person. With the help of young lawyer, Samantha, Ted and John try to win the legal case. Unfortunately there is a lot not in Ted’s favour, especially with Hasbro trying to get back Ted and find why he is able to be the way he is and create million’s of Teds.

Ted 2 follows with the same Family Guy/American Dad comedy that we got in the first Ted movie, but what else would we have expected from Seth MacFarlane. I was a bit apprehensive because of the failure that was, A Million Ways To Die In The West, and with, generally, sequels not being as good as the first. But Ted 2 was hilarious, at least as funny as the first Ted. Theres a lot of crude, dark humour which worked again. There were a couple of jokes where I was literally like “you can’t say that” but it was still funny. Obviously, the novelty of seeing a talking bear had worn of and I am glad they didn’t try to do those sort of jokes again and, outside of the court case, it was pretty much just a comedy and Ted was pretty much a person, which I thought was great. The performances were pretty average, nothing special but there are a few good cameos and lots of references for nerds like me.

Overall, I rate Ted 2 7/10! It was a lot of fun and refreshing with all the other big summer blockbusters which are serious,

Have you seen Ted 2? What did you think of it? and do you think we will see a Ted 3?

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  1. garethrhodes says:

    I’ve read a lot of negative reviews for this one, so it’s good to get some balance.


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