Ant-Man Review (Spoilers)

Pick on someone your own size!

This is my spoiler review for Ant-Man so don’t read anymore if you don’t want the movie spoiled! I have done a spoiler-free review so please read that review, watch the film then come back and read this one.

I was surprised that this movie didn’t make more money that it did opening weekend. This movie was so much fun, characters developed very well, very funny, a good heist film, great CGI and a great way to close Marvel’s Phase 2. This movie managed to fit perfectly into the MCU without forcing too much set up for Phase 3. I knew about Falcon being in the film before seeing the film and I was slightly worried that that was going to be forced into the film, but it did feel very natural and helped the story move on. The references the rest of the MCU was also great. Like when Scott says “we should call the Avengers”, that makes sense that someone in this universe would say that so it didn’t feel forced at all. I also got very excited at the end when the woman talking to Falcon says she knows “someone that can jump, swing and climb up walls”, this was an obvious reference to Spiderman, who we will see in next years Captain America Civil War along side Antman, but this is the first MCU reference to Spiderman which makes me very happy. I also felt that when he was shrinking down at the end and the universe he went into was a little nod to Doctor Strange. I loved the Thomas the Tank Engine bit too when Scott makes him grow and there is a massive Thomas the Tank Engine coming out of the window. The only thing that I thought was a little forced was the relationship between Hope and Scott and I was slightly surprised when they were kissing at the end of the film. I had expected more of their relationship to develop during the film but it just felt slightly shoved in at the end. The mid credit scene with Hope receiving her Wasp costume was slightly predictable but I still enjoyed it never the less. The after credits scene, featuring Captain America and Falcon having tracked down Bucky, was a good little set up to Civil War which every Marvel fan cannot wait and with Falcon saying he knows a guy, it was an obvious reference to Antman. I did expect a nod to seeing Giant Man because I think that we will see that in Civil War, but maybe not.

A lot of credit from this movie goes to director Peyton Reed for this movie. After Edgar Wright left the project just before shooting it was a big worry for a lot of fans and Paul Rudd helped with the script. You could feel that Paul Rudd and Peyton Reed knew the character well and what sort of movie they wanted to create and it really paid off. You can still feel Edgar Wright’s stamp on the film as I am sure that some of the things from his script made it into the movie.

I really loved this film and I would say that it is perhaps better than Age of Ultron! I really encourage people to go and see it because I know the general movie audience might not go and see it which is there loss!

What did you think of Ant-Man? Do you think we will see Giant Man in Civil War?

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