Batman: Under The Red Hood Review

I was just in a Batman mood

Batman Under The Red Hood has Bruce Greenwood voicing Batman/Bruce Wayne, Jensen Ackles voicing Red Hood, John DiMaggio voicing The Joker, Neil Patrick Harris voicing Nightwing, Jason Isaacs voicing Ra’s Al Ghul and Wade Williams voicing Black Mask.

Batman Under The Red Hood is one of the phenomenal DC animated movies. This one in particular is about when The Red Hood turns up in Gotham and is looking to be cleaning up the streets in a different way to Batman, which he thinks is way more effective and that Batman does not get the job done. The film is about Batman trying to work out who The Red Hood is and how to stop him.

The opening is amazing and we see The Joker killing Jason Todd (Robin at the time) and Batman is trying to get there to save him but he doesn’t quite make it. It was really tense and a great way to open the film! At some points it was a little bit predictable but maybe that is because I knew who The Red Hood is. Never the less the action was great for an animated film. I didn’t like the look of the Joker, I think they tried to copy Heath Ledgers’ Joker too much so it was weird seeing that in a cartoon. But it was good to see Nightwing and The Red Hood matching up to Batman’s skill level and being able to hold their own screen with him and not feeling like the second best.

The vocal performances by everyone where perfect. Even John DiMaggio as the joker which surprised me but I still think that Mark Hamill has the best Joker voice. Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Isaacs and Jensen Ackles were surprising to me as they are quite big names but I know they all love their comics which I think is amazing to see among Hollywood’s best actors, and I know Neil Patrick Harris has done the voice for Spiderman before on a show.

I grew up watching classic cartoon superhero tv shows like Batman The Animated series, Xmen and Spiderman, and to see these DC animated films carrying this on but in a way for the audience that has grown up and they understand it so they can get abit more violent.

Overall I rate Batman Under The Red Hood 8/10! I love these DC animated films, I can’t wait for The Killing Joke.

What did you think of Batman Under The Red Hood? Do you wan me to do more DC animated film reviews? Let me know

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