Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith – What I Would Have Done Differently

I don’t have too many problems with Revenge of the Sith so this will be quite short.

Revenge of the Sith would pick up with the same battle that it does actually start with apart from that Darth Maul would be replacing General Grievous. And because there is no Count Dooku, when Anakin is by himself he is taking down everything in his way to get to Amidala. Obi Wan is following him and notices his recklessness and anger. There is a brief moment when Anakin lashes out and Obi Wan steps in and tells him to calm himself. Anakin then tells Obi Wan about how he needs to get to her because she is pregnant. We also find out that Anakin has been manipulating Amidala. He learnt this from Palpentine. Obi Wan and Anakin are captured and brought before Maul. The attack on the ship goes on and there is a big explosion and the splits in half and crashes. Anakin runs to save Padme as Obi Wan is frustrated at him for leaving. Obi Wan battles Maul, it is an epic battle and you can feel the tension but Obi Wan manages to kick Maul out the window and the relief on his face is clear that Maul is gone (or is he?). Obi Wan manages to control the ship but it isnt working, Anakin charges in and manages lower the ship using the force, so we can see that Anakin has become very powerful.

Once back with the council, Obi Wan reveals to them how Anakin was on the ship. Palpentine then reveals to Anakin that he is Darth Sidious and Anakin can become more powerful joining the Dark Side. Anakin assumes the name Darth Vader and Sidious gives him a new lightsaber with a red crystal. Windu and Obi Wan go to Anakin to discuss what happened with him, they walk in on him trying out the new lightsaber and Sidious sends lightning towards them. Anakin jumps out the window but escapes. Sidious takes on Windu but it is clear that Sidious is too powerful for the Jedi, Sidious kills Windu. Obi Wan gets word to the Jedi what has happened. But it is too late as Sidious executes order 66 and Jedi are dying across the galaxy. Obi Wan goes to the temple but he is too late as he sees Anakin striking down Jedi. Afraid to face his master, he decides that to flee once again. Obi Wan manages to get a tracking becon on his ship.

Obi Wan finds Yoda and reveals that all the Jedi have been killed and that is likely that Obi Wan and Yoda are the last. Yoda instructs Obi Wan to follow Anakin and take him down because he is too dangerous. While Obi Wan and Yoda are about to leave Sidious appears and we get to see Yoda in action. We quickly learn that these too are equals as they go head to head. Obi Wan arrives on Mustafar where he is greeted by Darth Vader (Anakin has a mask at this point), Anakin knows why Obi Wan is there and knows that Obi Wan has to stop him, so we get an epic battle across the lava and it of course ends the same way. Yoda goes to Dagobah, Obi Wan takes Luke to Tantooine and Padme takes Leia with Organa to Alderaan. Obi Wan leaves Luke with Owen and Beru and says he has some unfinished business (so Obi Wan can have some standalone films).

This will be a very battle heavy film. It obviously focuses on Obi Wan and brings the trilogy to a close. I really enjoy Episode 3 so I didn’t want to change it too much. I know the battle with Maul is perhaps abit anticlimatic.

What do you think of my Episode 3? What do you think of my prequel trilogy? Hopefully better than what we actually got.

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