Unfriended Review

This just proves that the internet is a scary place!

Unfriended stars Shelley Hennig, Moses Storm, Renee Olstead, Will Peltz, Jacob Wysocki and Courtney Halveson.

Unfriended is a film about a year after Laura Barns killed herself because of cyberbullying, a year later a group of friends are skyping when an unknown person joins the group. The group obviously think it is one of the other people messing around but when the unknown starts to join in the conversation in becomes clear that it isn’t one of them and that it is a messed up person. The unknown person is pretending to be Laura Barns. The creep then tries to exploit the groups hidden secrets and when they don’t want to join in or play they’re game anymore, they are killed one by one, as all the group turns on each other.

The whole film takes place as if it is a computer screen. It is all from Blaire’s (Shelley Hennig) perspective too, so we can see what she all her group messages and what she is looking at on the internet and what she is messaging to her boyfriend. This idea was really smart and worked very well. The movie isn’t too long and there isn’t much character development and some parts slightly dragged on I felt. The performances were pretty average for a scary movie, Shelley Hennig was the main one who had to really put in an effort and she did, the others were pretty basic performances. It felt real though, it used Facebook and Spotify and Skype, instead of Hollywood replacements for them, which really helped the film. The story is quite basic, but the film did its job, in building the tension and being slightly scary.

Overall, I rate Unfriended 6/10! The idea was unique but the story was too basic. I wouldn’t mind if they did another sort of thing to this because the computer screen worked but I would also be happy if they left it as a one off so it becomes that much different to everything else.

So what did you think of Unfriended?

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