Night At The Museum 3: Secret Of The Tomb Review

Night at the museum. The franchise that should have left it at 2!

Night at the Museum 3 stars Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Ricky Gervais, Ben Kingsley, Owen Wilson, Dan Stevens, Rebel Wilson, Steve Coogan and Crystal the Monkey.

Ben Stiller returns as night guard Larry Daley and it picks up as the museum is opening a restaurant and they intend to have a performance by the museum pieces but then things go wrong cos the tablet is corroding so they have to go to see Ahkmenrah (Yes I did Google how to spell his name)’s parents in London. (There was no point in it being set in London at all). There they have to find his parents and fix the tablet, that’s the movie. Ben Stiller played this pointless caveman that looked like him who was definitely just there for children and wasn’t funny. Same with Rebel Wilson. Ben Kingsley barely made an appearance. There was a stupid subplot about Ben Stiller’s son (who somehow went to be like an 18 year old between the second installment and this one) and him going on a gap year. This was not needed at all! It wasted time that could have spent on seeing the Natural History Museum and the amazing things inside the museum and seeing them come to life. Other than Lancelot, a seven headed snake and Ahkmenrah’s parents, I don’t remember anything else major coming to life. Maybe i just fell asleep but that is something the second did really well when we had Ahkmenrah’s uncle, the Einstein bobble heads, Darth Vader, Ivan the terrible, Amy Adams’ character. It’s a missed opportunity to have more characters that are to do with England, like kings and queens going head to head. They should have taken the tablet to Madame Thussauds and watched the celebrity wax works fight it out. Imagine the Hulk vs Hitler vs Shrek vs David Beckham vs One Direction.

The first night at the museum was good, enjoyable. I loved the second one way more was really funny and superb. Nothing hit home in this final installment to the franchise. Everything felt forced and I was disappointed…. Until the end, I’m gonna be honest the only reason I went to see this movie was for ROBIN WILLIAMS, every time he was onscreen I felt sad knowing this genius was no longer with us. His send of in the film was perfect! Somehow they knew he was gonna leave us and his ending was on point and I was thrilled with it and it did nearly make me cry. Not his best performance but the perfect send off for the legend.I love the concept of the franchise, I think it is an amazing idea but it has had its turn, please don’t force another one with Rebel Wilson, noone wants that! Don’t get me wrong I had an okay time watching the movie but it just lacked in humour. There were few actual funny moments.

Overall I rate Night at the Museum 3 Secret of the Tomb 4/10! The children who were in the same screen definitely enjoyed it more than I did. RIP Robin Williams

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