Mass Effect Review

I fancied doing a game review for because Mass Effect is the best!

Mass Effect stars the voices of Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, Keith David, Seth Green, Steven Barr, Kimberly Brooks, Lance Henrikson, Ali Hillis, Brandon Keener, Marina Sirtis, Ash Sroka, Raphael Sbarge and Fred Tatasciore.

When Commander Sheperd is sent to investigate an ancient Prothean artifact, he discovers that a rogue Spectre, Saren, is also after the artifact and Saren is looking to bring back the Reapers to wipe out every living creature in the galaxy. Sheperd, along with his team, must chase down Saren and stop him before it is too late.

Mass Effect is an action, sci fi, RPG. The game gives you a lot of control of how you would like to play the game. You can customise Commander Sheperd to look however you like and he can be male or female. Throughout the game there are lots of decisions that you make that will influence how the rest of the game goes on and these decisions will affect the other games in the Mass Effect trilogy. Having control of what the character says and does, is the best part of this game, it really feels like you are playing the game and that you are part of it. This means that you would think there is a less pressure on the story to be good but the story is amazing. There are a few twists and it really grips you and becomes really addictive. There are a couple of parts which are a bit tricky and can take a lot of time to complete. The whole game will take a long, long time to get 100% but it is more necessary in the other games than in this one. The graphics are pretty solid, but it does not hold up as well as the other two games. To get Seth Green and Keith David on the cast was great and they voice their characters well, as do the whole cast. The action was pretty average, you could tell they focused more on the story and role playing part of the game than on the actual shooting.

Overall, I rate Mass Effect 9/10! Mass Effect is one of the best games ever and is part of the best game trilogies of all time. This game really feels like your own and that you are part of this amazing universe. I really want Mass Effect to be made into a TV series (a film wouldn’t be long enough to tell the whole story) and if it got the right budget it could be amazing and brought to a wider audience. I highly recommend this game for anyone to play, it is a little bit Star Trek-esque but not too much. It does focus more on character which is why anyone can play it.

If you have played Mass Effect, what do you think of it?

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