Mass Effect 2 Review

Fight for the Lost!

Mass Effect 2 stars the voices of Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Lazarre-White, Seth Green, Keith David, Michael Beattie, Maggie Baird, Steve Blum, DC Douglas, Keythe Farley, Tricia Helfer, Brandon Keener, Ash Sroka, Courtenay Taylor and Martin Sheen.

Following after the events of Mass Effect 1, the Normandy is cruising around when suddenly a unknown ship appears and destroy the ship, fortunately the crew manage to escape but Commander Shepard is killed. Shepard’s body is retrieved by Cerberus, a pro-human organisation who are odds with the Alliance, who Shepard works for. Cerberus try to rebuild Shepard and bring him back to life to work for them. Two years after the Normandy was destroyed, Shepard is brought back to life and learns from the Illusive Man (leader of Cerberus) that human colonies are being wiped out, but the reason or who is doing it is unknown. Shepard agrees to work with Cerberus for this mission. When Shepard visits a missing colony, he is a attacked by mysterious creatures, Shepard finds out that these creatures are Collectors. The same creatures that destroyed the Normandy 2 years earlier. On a suicide mission to the Collector home world, Shepard must assemble a team and stop them before they destroy the galaxy.

Mass Effect 2 really ups the game after the first one. This one is more intense and bigger! The graphics are absolutely incredible and are some of the best considering when this game was made and how the first game looked. The soundtrack is perfect for sci fi and fits in beautifully. One of my problems with Mass Effect 1 was that the action was not the best, but they really learnt from other games and adapt that to this game and the action is incredible. Bioware really listened to the fans and made the game they wanted and smashed everyone’s expectations. The customisation increases as well in being able to fully customise your armor and weapons. The new characters fit in perfectly and become some of the best in the game series (my personal favourite is Grunt). All the planets are completely different and unique, as in the first one some of the planets felt a bit too similar to others. The story is once again amazing and grips anyone, and I challenge you to find someone who wouldn’t love it. You get to know the characters better and you really care for them as you learn their back story. In this one it is extremely important to upgrade your ship as you don’t want to lose any members of this team!

Overall, I have to rate Mass Effect 2 10/10! This game is incredible in every way and can not be beaten. It has something for everyone!

What did you think of Mass Effect 2?7

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