Mass Effect 3 Review

Take Back Earth!

Mass Effect 3 stars the voices of Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, Raphael Sbarge, Jessica Chobot, Keith David, Michael Hogan, Matthew Del Negro, Tricia Helfer, Steve Blum, Lance Henriksen, Martin Sheen, Courtnenay Taylor, Keythe Farly, Yvonne Strahovski, DC Douglas, Seth Green, William Salyers, Ash Sroka, Ali Hillis, Brandon Keener, Freddie Prinze Jr and Kimberly Brooks.

The third installment into the Mass Effect series kicks of us learning that Commander Shepard (Mark Meer/Jennifer Hale) having been detained by Alliance after the events of Mass Effect 2. Out of nowhere, the Reapers attack Earth and the planet is not prepared for this. Shepard is reinstated by the Alliance and he manages to escape and get back to the Normandy, with the help of Admiral Anderson (Keith David), who decides to stay on Earth and fight. Shepard is then asked to quickly go to Mars because researchers there have discovered something. When he arrives Shepard learns that Cerberus are after the weapon too. Shepard speaks with the Illusive Man (Martin Sheen) and learns that instead of destroying the Reapers, the Illusive Man wants to control them. Shepard must assemble a team of old friends and new friends, to stop the Reapers from destroying Earth and the rest of the galaxy, as well as trying to stop Cerberus at the same time.

Mass Effect 3 is another incredible Mass Effect game. As we have come to expect, an incredible story, amazing action, great characters and jaw dropping graphics, Mass Effect 3 lives up to all of those expectations. Some people are the biggest fans of the ending, I am one of those people. Felt a bit disappointing especially after the over 100 hours of playing the Mass Effect trilogy. I liked that this story had Cerberus as a villain again and that Shepard was back working for the Alliance, which makes a lot of sense considering the character of Shepard. In this one you really feel the result of your actions from the previous games, which is amazing and really brings the 3 games together. It was good to see the characters back and at times it gets a bit emotional because you have spent so long with these characters, which it looks like we won’t be seeing in Mass Effect Andromeda. The third installment is a fitting ending to the Mass Effect trilogy, despite the actual ending of this game.

I really can not wait for Mass Effect Andromeda and I think it is going to be amazing. From what I hear it is going to be slightly different type of game, and won’t have the characters we love in, but we have already seen Krogan concept art released so I think we will get nods to the previous games.

Overall, I rate Mass Effect 3 9/10! I feel that it was slightly below Mass Effect 2 because of the story and the ending, but that is nit picking. The series is still my favourite game series of all time.

What do you think of Mass Effect 3? Where does the Mass Effect series rank for you?

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