Captain America: The First Avenger Review

The First Avenger!

Captain America stars Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and Toby Jones.

During World War 2, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) tries to enlist in the american army but is turned down repeatedly for health reasons and is he is not in the right shape to be put in the middle of a war. Dr Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) sees Steve’s determination and decides to recruit him for a project in the army. Despite the US army not being sure about Steve being the appropriate person for the project, considering his scrawnyness, Erskine is given the all clear to use Steve. At the same time, Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving), leader of a Nazi science division called HYDRA, learns about the plans to make a “super soldier”, so he sends one his men to stop the project. The experiments of Steve are a success and he is now enhanced to maximum human potential. Unfortunately, the doctor is killed so the american’s can’t make any more super soldiers. With Erskine dead, Steve becomes propaganda and given a role as “Captain America” so people will invest in the US army. He enjoys the role, but doesn’t feel that this was what he was made for. When he hears about his friend being captured by the Nazi’s, he decides to rescue him. He meets the evil Johann Schmidt and learns about his experiments with the mysterious Tesseract. Steve and his team must stop HYDRA before they take over the world.

The story wasn’t quite what I was expecting going into it. The trailers really sold the film as very action packed and seeing a lot of Captain America in action. What we get is drawn out parts of an origin to the most sensible Avenger. It is a good film but I was just expecting more action and when it gets to the fighting, it is really good. Chris Evans as Steve Rogers is perfect, and when he is scrawny it looks weird but really good. Hayley Atwell became one of the most loved female Marvel characters from this film and now has her own TV show. Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt is great and is one of the stronger Marvel villians we have seen in the MCU. I love Cap’s old costume too. I think it would of been good to seen more of Cap in world war 2 and seeing more of his missions, but I understood that they needed him to be in The Avengers and well it is a comic book film.

Overall, I rate Captain America The First Avenger 6/10. Probably one of my least favourite Marvel films.

What did you think of Captain America? Where would you rank it out of the MCU films?

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