Dr. No Review

007’s first mission!

Dr. No stars Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, Bernard Lee and John Kitzmiller

British agent John Strangways vanishes in Jamaica, James Bond (Sean Connery) is sent to find out what happened to agent Strangways and his secretary. Bond teams up with CIA agent Felix Leiter (Jack Lord) and native Jamaican Quarrel (Joseph Wiseman). Bond finds out that Dr. No is after world domination. 007 using his extreme skill must stop Dr. No from taking over the world, with the help of Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress), who he meets on the beach of Crab Island.

Dr. No is the first ever James Bond film and for me it is possibly my favourite. I enjoy it because it is quite simple and does get too complicated and full of twists and turns and non stop action. Sean Connery is the best James Bond there has ever been. He is the perfect for the role with his charm and he pulls off everything believable. This movie isn’t too serious and I enjoy that, but it is very much for the time. If Dr. No was made today with Daniel Craig it would have felt far too silly and we might not have seen Bond again. I like Dr No is one of the most iconic Bond Villains we have seen and I really liked the character, yes he is a little bit silly perhaps but its not too dark. This film is filled with so many iconic Bond moments, like “shaken not stirred” and “the name is Bond, James Bond”. For that reason alone you must watch this film! It is a classic that holds up really well and a must see for every film fan, just because of what it sets up.

Overall, I rate Dr. No 8/10! A lot of fun and a nice break from the serious James Bond that we get now.

What do you think of Dr. No? Which Bond film is your favourite?

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