Lilo & Stitch Review

Before Disney turned to Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars and rebooting their old films.

Lilo & Stitch stars the voices of Daveigh Chase, Chris Sanders, Tia Carrera, David Ogden Stiers, Kevin McDonald and Ving Rhames.

When scientist, Jumba Jookiba (David Ogden Stiers) creates a monster (Chris Sanders) from a genetic experiment. Unfortunately, this little creature is strong, intelligent and nearly indestructible, apart from his one weakness which is water. When the creature is captured, it manages to escape and make it’s way to Earth, where it intends to hide. The creature blends in as a dog and as adopted by Lilo (Daveigh Chase) and her mum Nani (Tia Carrere). Lilo names the creature Stitch. Stitch intends to use the human as a shield in case other aliens coming looking for him, but he soon realises the meaning of family. But can he escape his pursuers and avoid being caught?

I really enjoy Lilo and Stitch, it is a nice break from the action packed, big summer movies we get. This film did come out in 2002 and was over shadowed by Pixar films. But Lilo and Stitch, Treasure Planet and Emperors New Groove are all films that get over looked as amazing children films. I like the story and it does force the message about family and love quite heavily at the end but I don’t mind. Stitch is amazing! He is one of my favourite Disney characters of all time, he is so funny and adorable and I would do anything to have my own live version of him. The voicing isn’t done by the most well known of people but then it doesn’t take you out the movie. This movie also has a lot of funny moments, that aren’t specifically for kids to laugh at. This and Emperors New Groove crack me up! Maybe, I just have a childish sense of humour. But I really recommend this, it holds up well and isn’t too long.

Overall, I rate Lilo and Stitch 8/10! Seriously, Stitch is amazing, although when I went to Disneyland he did take my hat. He better watch out!

What did you think of Lilo & Stitch? Do you think it is overlooked?

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