Batman Begins Review

The start of The Dark Knight trilogy. The Legend Begins!

Batman Begins stars Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy and Morgan Freeman.

After Bruce Wayne’s parents are killed, he decides to relocate and travel to Asia. There he meets Ra’s Al Ghul (Ken Watanabe) and Ducard (Liam Neeson), who will teach him how to fight criminals. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) learns about their plan to destroy Bruce’s home, Gotham. Bruce stops their plan and decides to return to Gotham City and fight crime. He decides to strike fear into his enemies by looking like a Bat as he becomes Batman! However, Batman isn’t preventing crime as a new breed of criminal is born. Will Batman be able to stop them all or will Gotham need more?

The start of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, kicks off in style! This film gives us an origin to the Dark Knight that we have not seen before. This version of the Caped Crusader, is a lot darker than previous versions of the character in Tim Burton’s films and the complete opposite to the 60’s TV series. Christopher Nolan wanted this version of Batman to be more grounded and more realistic than seen before, and it works incredibly. The cast is an incredible, Christian Bale is a perfect choice for Bruce Wayne. Michael Caine is probably the best version of Alfred we have seen. Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe and Cillian Murphy all just add to this amazing film. The scoring of film is a great part of the film too and is throughout the whole of the trilogy. Gotham is shown perfectly and feels like a proper city that is full of villains and criminals, especially at night. We get a proper sense of how scary Bats can be and how they can strike fear into people.

Overall, I rate Batman Begins 8/10! It is a perfect start to Batman and seeing his origin. It feels like the comics but it isn’t too comic booky. I recommend for anyone who is just a fan of action films or comic book films. A must-see!

What did you think of Batman Begins?

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