Spectre Review (With Spoilers)

This is your spoiler warning! Don’t read anymore if you do not want to find out what happens in Spectre. Go watch it and then come back and read this.

Okay, so I am going to start by talking about the ending. The ending sees Bond choosing between having a life with Swann or choosing his life as a spy. He chooses the life with Swann. Now I completely understand why the producers did this and I appreciate the change and like what it could set up with Bond moving forward. I can already imagine that MI6 will need Bond back for a mission probably if Blofeld escapes which he obviously will because he is still alive, this is if Christoph Waltz returns to the franchise. However, the ending could also mean that we don’t see Bond for a while, but Daniel Craig is contracted to do 1 more so we will probably see Bond again around 2018 and that is a good thing. As I said in my spoiler free review, I am glad to see that Spectre called back to the earlier Bond films and will link into future films.

Continuing with the ending, as is tradition with the Bond films, I did think that Swann was going to die. Not when the old MI6 building was blown, but when Blofeld was on the bridge, crawling, I thought he had a gun hidden and was going to shoot Swann then Bond would then have shot Blofeld. It is a refreshing change to see a Bond girl not die. I was kind of waiting for the moment that she did die, but as she didn’t I look forward to seeing her return hopefully in the next Bond film. Lea Seydoux’s character really fitted with 007 and she is probably the best Bond girl we have had with Daniel Craig.

Onto C’s plan to take over all the world’s security and use drones instead to the job. I got what the plan was but I did kind of feel like it came across as quite a silly, over the top idea which is what you are suppose to think. The whole story involving MI6 and the rest of the CNS, I felt was not really needed and just a plot device that meant the Bond had to work by himself really and give Q, Moneypenny and M something to do. It was quite obvious that Andrew Scott’s character was not a good character that we were going to be routing for. I know Andrew Scott as Moriaty on BBC’s Sherlock so it was quite obvious that he was going to potray a bad guy in the film.

Finally, I will talk about the surprise that everyone saw coming, That Oberhauser is Blofeld and he even gets the Scar and has a white cat. Nobody in my screening gasped out of surprise, some of them probably don’t even know who Blofeld is. Overall, I was quite disappointed at how much we got to see Christoph Waltz in the film which is a big shame as Christoph is perfect as a Bond villain, but Dave Bautista’s character felt more like the villain than he did. However, like I said we have not seen the last of Blofeld.

In conclusion, Spectre is the best Daniel Craig James Bond we have got and I can not wait to see what the next installment has in store.

What did you think of Spectre?

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