Star Wars The Force Awakens Theories

With 9 Days to go until Episode 7 of Star Wars is released, I just wanted to talk about some theories I have that might happen in the film. This may be considered spoilery but it might not be as these might be wrong and are just thoughts I have had. I have only watched the 2 teasers and the main trailer and I avoid whatever else I can.

My first theory is about Kylo Ren. He has been the main character in the marketing and is certainly coming across as the Darth Vader of this new trilogy. I believe that Kylo Ren is a collector of relics from the Dark Side (which is why we see Vader’s helmet) and I believe that he is after Rey’s staff and that he might even be after Anakin’s lightsaber when he learns that it used to belong to Anakin before he became full on Vader. I am not sure how connected to Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo Ren is. Snoke and Kylo Ren could be working together or it could be that Kylo Ren is just working with the other knights of Ren and that this catches Snoke’s attention.

Luke, like most people think, is either in hiding or guarding something. I like the idea that the force became too much so he went into hiding but I also like the idea that he could be guarding a Jedi temple, due to the fact we have not seen him properly in the marketing, it is extremely likely that he will only be in the final act of the film.

Rey looks to be a really interesting character and so far I think she might be my favourite new human character. I do not have a clue where she got the staff from, but as she is a scavenger it is likely she just found it and I guarentee that she does not realise the full potential of her staff.

There are many theories that Rey and Kylo Ren are related to Han and Leia. The main option being that Rey and Kylo Ren are siblings (maybe twins) to Han and Leia. It is also possible that one, or both, of these characters are children of Luke, which would explain why the characters are not with their parents. I am pretty certain that Rey is either a Solo or Skywalker.

In the main poster for the film, we also a Death star esque looking thing. Now I believe that this is part of a planet, a Death Planet if you like. I am not sure how I feel about another Death Star, but I will be okay with anything as long as it is told well and fits the story. I recently saw an interesting theory but it would be a really good twist and I don’t want to spoil that just in case.

With 9 days to go, I am reminded of how much we actually know about what is going to happen in the film, which isn’t actually much at all which is why it is difficult to theorise with having potential proof of the idea,and I thank Disney, Lucasfilm and JJ Abrams for doing this, I really do not want this film to be spoilt. I still can not believe that in nearly  a week I am going to be seeing a new Star Wars film. It blows my mind.

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