Creed Review

Creed stars Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad and Tony Bellew.

Adonis Johnson (Michael B Jordan) is the son of famous boxer Apollo Creed, who died whilst boxing (In Rocky 4). Even before he knew about his father, he wanted to be a boxer. However, he wants to make it on his own without the world knowing about who he really is. He tracks down Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone)  and asks him to train him. Rocky gives in and decides to train Adonis. After winning a boxing match, his connection to Apollo Creed is revealed. He is offered the chance to fight the best pound to pound boxer in the world, but he has to take the Creed name. Is he ready for the big time? Can he continue his father’s legacy?

The Rocky films were slightly before my time, so I never really got into them, so when this film came around I can honestly say I wasn’t that excited. I like Michael B Jordan and I had heard that the film was very good, but I still wasn’t that excited. I came out loving it! It is a great fresh restart for the Rocky franchise and completely works as a new place who haven’t watched the previous films to join in and appreciate this film. The nods to the previous films are there, but not overwhelming and in your face like some movies.

The performances across the board where fantastic. I was worried about seeing Sylvester Stallone, like I do in The Expendables, but you do see him as Rocky again and it does make the movie better. I thought the performance by Michael B Jordan was very good! He does look a lot like Apollo Creed and you can tell he put a lot of effort into the role! Despite the story being slightly predictable, you really care about the character and want him to do as well as he can!  The music really works, you get the mix of modern music with the classic from the Rocky films underneath, fantastic.Visually, it is fantastic. I love the urban setting and urban feel of it. I was worried that it was going to feel too much like a blockbuster, but somehow feels like a smaller, indie film which I really appreciated. A lot of praise goes to Ryan Coogler, who wrote and directed this masterpiece, and, after this I am now very excited to what he will bring to Black Panther.

Overall, I rate Creed 9/10! A very good start to the new year!

What did you think of Creed?

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