The Finest Hours Review

I am not sure if “Finest” is the word I would use.

The Finest Hours stars Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Eric Bana and Holliday Grainger.

In 1952, one of the worst storms arrive off the coast of New England ripping an oil tanker in half. Unfortunately the coast guard are busy with another boat that has been split into so a group of four men, on a small lifeboat, must battle the cold weather and high waves, and attempt to rescue the people trapped on the slowly sinking half of a ship.

I love watching films that are based on true stories because it always blows my mind that something, despite the overwhelming odds, happens. The Finest Hours is another one of those films. If you have seen the trailer for the film then you know what you are in for. You know that half a ship is sinking and this small crew is going to try and save them, battling the storm and the story goes how you expect it. The big positives are that the visuals were fantastic. Obviously, they didn’t put the stars in a real storm but it looks like they could have. I also think that the score worked really well and helped build the tension.

The problem with the film was that it was slightly predictable and dragged quite a lot in the middle and the story being broken up going from the rescue mission to seeing the crew back at the base, slowed the film down. I liked the Bernie (Chris Pratt) and Miriam (Holliday Grainger) characters and because the film starts with them you care about them, but because the focus is on them you don’t spend time with the crew on the half boat, so I didn’t really care if they made it out alive. You only focus on a few of them and you don’t actually realise how many people are on the boat until the end.

Overall, I rate The Finest Hours 7/10! It made a nice change from the big blockbuster films and looking for Easter Eggs, and I could just sit back and enjoy it.

What did you think of The Finest Hours?

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