First look at the MCU’s Spider-Man

Captain America Civil War’s second trailer has arrived and with it we get a lot of action and our first glimpse at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man!

My initial reaction was “AHHHHHH SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!” quickly followed by “oh wow that is a lot of CGI”. I think a lot of people reacted this way, but the special effects might not be finished and . The costume looks great though, straight of the comic book page with the red and blue and I love  the little black parts too. I really liked the costume that we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man films as it was so modern and different, and the one in first Spider-Man films was also very good. Somehow this costume feels different and I like it, maybe it was because his eyes moved, which leads me to believe that Tony creates the suit for Peter Parker (I think we will see the design for Iron Spider, but he will not wear it).

However, I need to see Tom Holland with the suit on so I can know what it looks like then and with the mask off. In the few seconds we get I like it. I like how they showed him and it was just enough for me, all I needed was to see the suit, which is what we got. I have very high hopes for Spidey and I can’t wait to see him in Civil War and why he is on Team Iron Man.

It is hard to believe that in just over a month we will see Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Very excited.

Let me know your thoughts on our first look at the webslinger!

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