10 Cloverfield Lane Review

And all of a sudden we have another Cloverfield, kind of.

10 Cloverfield Lane stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman and John Gallagher Jr.

Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is set to leave town after leaving her fiancee when she is involved in a car crash. She wakes up to find herself in a strange room, where she also finds that she is sharing an underground bunker with Howard (John Goodman), who saved her life and brought to the bunker, and Emmett (John Gallagher Jr). Howard tells her why she can not leave the bunker, but should Michelle believe him? What is really happening outside?

I loved the trailer for this film, it is very well done and gets the audiences attention without giving away any of the plot, so I was very excited for the film. Don’t go into this film thinking it is a direct sequel to Cloverfield because it isn’t. The link to Cloverfield is very tenuous so you don’t need to see the film to understand this. Most of the film is set in the bunker and it works very well as you really feel claustrophobic.  The performances by the very small cast are very good, John Goodman steals the show as Howard and you spend a lot of time trying to work out what the truth if is and what has really happened to the world outside the bunker.

This film is not a stereotypical horror film, there aren’t many jumpy moments and it is very much more psychological, which I find works a lot better than just cheap jump scares. My only problem with the film is the ending. I won’t spoil it but it just feels out of place and it would have worked better with a different ending.

Overall, I really enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane and I rate it 9/10! Just missing out on 10 because of the ending.

What did you think of 10 Cloverfield Lane? And it’s links to Cloverfield?

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