Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Review

As it says it the title, this is a review of Captain America Civil War with Spoilers, so if you have not seen it yet, read my spoiler free version then watch the film then come back and read this.

As a massive Spider-man fan, he has to be the first thing that I talk about.  The moment that QUEENS popped up on the string, I gasped and then didn’t breathe for the entire scene with him in. I like the look of Tom Holland as Peter Parker and I think he nailed the character very well for the brief scene he was in. He has good on screen  with Robert Downey Jr, so I am excited to see more of that in Spider-man homecoming. Not sure how I feel about a younger Aunt May than we have seen, but it makes sense. Seeing Spider-man in action among the Avengers and the rest of the MCU characters was amazing. Spider-man really held his own amongst the older, more serious heroes fighting. His little comments were exactly how the character should be and he had me laughing. I love the new costume, it looks so classic and modern at the same time. I was a big fan of Andrew Garfield’s costume in the Amazing Spider-man 2 but I think this new costume might be favourite. We didn’t get much of the webslinger in this film, but he stole the entire film! Cannot wait to see more of him next year!

The scene everyone is talking about is the Airport fight scene. Quite rightly too, somehow the Russo brothers managed to make the best comic book scene in history! The fight feels like it is taken straight off the comic book pages. You are on the edge of your seat the whole way through the fight. Every character gets their own moment, but Ant-man might be the best part of it. I had seen the Giant-man toys going in so I knew we would be seeing him and it was better than I expected. His reaction to going Giant was hilarious and I have no doubt we will see Giant-man again either in Ant-man and The Wasp or in The Avengers Infinity War. It was so much seeing each character taking on other characters in their own way and using their powers to take on people they would not have ever thought they would be fighting.

The other main character we got to see for the first time was Black Panther. He clearly taking down Bucky after he thinks that Bucky has killed his Dad and it was a lot of fun seeing his introduction to the MCU and I was left with some questions about him but I am sure they will be explained more in his solo film in a couple of years time. I really liked that he had his own agenda and was not on either team during the film. I like his suit and it is so different to the other characters that he stands out.

The performances by everyone in the film were really good. Robert Downey Jr, in particular, really impressed by by showing his emotion through the film. At the end of the film when he realises what the video is of and who killed his parents, I was very impressed and it might be the best performance we have seen from anyone in a Marvel film.

The way the Russo brothers made the film so that you change sides throughout the film was very interesting and very effective. I went into the film on Team Cap and I still came out on Team Cap but there were a lot of points were I changed throughout the film.

I was not a big fan of the first Captain America film and I didn’t enjoy The Winter Soldier as much as everyone does, but this film is just nearly perfect! My second favourite in the MCU but it is very close!

What was your favourite part of Civil War?

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