Warcraft Review

Do we finally have a good film based on a Video game? and a game to take over from The Lord of the Rings?

Warcraft stars Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster, Ben Schnetzer, Daniel Wu, Clancy Brown and Robert Kazinsky.

The Orcs have to leave their world as it is being destroyed, their leader, Gul’dan, makes a portal to another world for them to take over and make a new home. The Orcs land in Azeroth, the home of the humans. The humans must stop the Orcs from taking over, along with the army, they have The Guardian, Medivh to protect them from the danger, but will it be enough.

I had not played the game going in, so I did not know much about this universe and went in no expectations but I was not expecting anything major, and I ended up really enjoying this film. First thing has to be the CGI, it was incredible! All the work that would have to be done on the Orcs to make them look as good as they do. Visually, this film is very well shot and the CGI is integrated very well into the film. Travis Fimmel was the stand out for me, I hadn’t seen any of his work before but I was instantly brought into this world because of this character and his performance was very good.

The main problem I had with the film was that it was too short. It is just under two hours long and I felt that it could have done with 15 to 30 minutes more of action, then I think it would have been enough to keep me going through the film as I was looking for this epic fight scene, and when we get it, it was slightly shorter than I would have liked. Ben Foster was an odd choice for The Guardian, he didn’t fit in with the universe and I think it would have worked better with someone older. The final problemI had was, they clearly think that the film would be a franchise, leading into more films but I just don’t know whether the film will make enough to gain a sequel. I really hope it does and it could take over from Lord of the Rings well.

Overall, I rate Warcraft 7/10! Finally, the video game movie curse is broken!

What did you think of Warcraft?

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