Marvel v DC: Who won Comic Con 2016?

So on the way back from seeing Star Trek Beyond I checked my phone to find out that DC had released a trailer for Wonder Woman (as expected) and a teaser for Justice League. As soon as I got home, I put it on the TV in my room and watched both, along with the trailer for Kong Skull Island and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. Justice League first, we get to see a glimpse of Bruce Wayne trying to assemble a team. We see him meet Aquaman and Barry Allen and Cyborg at the end. It was just a little tease into what we will see at the end of 2018. Aquaman is my biggest worry of the film, he hasn’t said much and we haven’t seen much but I am still unsure as to the direction they will take him and I am not sure how the dark tone with light humour (like we get when we see The Flash) will work. It was slightly odd seeing this dark tone we have seen in Man of Steel and then Batman v Superman but then adding jokes to the film. I would be interested to see had BvS been a success what this film would look like with the more serious dark tone, but people demanded a funnier film. It is early days yet so I am still optimistic but I am not as excited by this teaser as most other people have been.

The Wonder Woman trailer was pretty much what I expected and I am still very excited for the film and the trailer was very strong, I felt and I know we will see a lot more with just over a year to go before the films release. We also got a final trailer of Suicide Squad, just weeks before the films release, which was not needed for me, but I am sure it was awesome for the crowd in San Diego.

Well, the internet blew up talking about seeing Justice League for the first time and it was over to Marvel to see what they could bring to the party.

The world did not get too much from Marvel but the crowd in Hall H got more than they expected. The world got to see a second trailer for Doctor Strange, which was epic! The crowd in Hall H was treated to a Doctor Strange clip, Guardians of the Galaxy footage, Spider-man Homecoming footage and footage from Thor Ragnarok. If we are going to picky, the day before we found Ghost Rider would be joining Agents of Shield and we get a tease for The Defenders on Netflix and a trailer for Luke Cage.

So DC gave us our first ever live action look at a solo female lead superhero film and a first look at their best heroes uniting for the first time, whereas Marvel gave us a look at a character who will change the Marvel universe and a glimpse for the audience at other upcoming projects, so who wins? Well if I was in the audience in San Diego in Hall H, I would be saying that Marvel won hands down and for me that is why Marvel would win Comic Con. I get that seeing the Justice League together for the first time is amazing and getting to see that footage is great but getting to see all that Marvel footage and all the casts and then the reveal that Brie Larson would be playing Captain Marvel in a couple of years is very exciting. Marvel gave the audience in San Diego the most to cheer for but you could say that DC gave the biggest cheer. It is a close one but personally I am on Marvel’s side.

Who do you think won Comic Con? Which superhero film are you most excited for?

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