Finding Dory Review

Just keep swimming

Finding Dory stars Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neil, Hayden Rolence, Idris Elba and Ty Burrell.

We return to ocean where we meet Dory, Marlin and Nemo, one year after they went across the ocean to find Nemo. This time the film focuses on Dory, who embarks on a journey to return to her parents after she lost them when she was a child. She journeys to a Marine Life Institute and with help from Hank the Septipus (Octopus with seven legs) and Destiny, a Whale Shark, they team up in order to find Dory’s family.

I was surprisingly negative about Finding Dory when I first heard about the film, considering how much I enjoyed Finding Nemo. But the film opens up with a very touching scene with a young Dory and her parents and I am sure there were people with an early tear in their eye. The voice cast was spot and Ellen returns and recaptures the reason we all grew to love Dory in the first film. The new characters like Hank and Destiny, fit into the world well and add to the film. I found that this film was more emotional than the first, with less of a focus on laughs.

Is it as good as Finding Nemo? No but Finding Nemo is a very good film and would have been hard to beat. A lot of the points feel similar to the first and the movie was obviously a late successor to the first. I saw a lot of mixed reviews about the film, particularly towards the negative side and I don’t agree with them. This film is more touching, visually it still looks as good and even adds to the amazing visuals of Finding Nemo. The score is also again helps enhance the powerful moments. People forget that Pixar films are for children and family to enjoy as well. That is why the plot is simple and their are often a lot of coincidences in the film and if you are going to be that picky then you will think that most films are filled with coincidences. Just sit back and enjoy what the film has to offer instead of looking into it too much.

Overall, I rate Finding Dory 7/10! A nice return to the ocean but I don’t need to see a third part to the Finding Nemo franchise.

What did you think of Finding Dory?

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