Sausage Party Review

A hero will rise…

Sausage Party stars Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Nick Kroll.

The products in a Supermarket believe that being chosen by a human is their ultimate goal and will lead them to the great beyond and a happier life. However, when a jar of Honey Mustard is returned to the shop, he tells everyone what they believe is not true. Frank, one sausage, and Brenda, a roll, must find out the truth and what they should believe in, while they are being hunted down by one of the other products in the store.

I really wanted to like this film. I went into this film, with high expectations. The trailers were very funny and I thought the concept was hilarious and with such a good cast behind it, I was expecting a hilarious film. Unfortunately, that is not what I got. I found that the film had a lot of jokes that did not land for me and I spent most of the time just taking in what I saw. There are laughs in the film, a couple of hilarious moments but the majority of jokes just did not work for me. There were a lot of jokes that were just too easy and too obvious.  There is a scene at the end of the film, where you are thinking are they actually going to show this? and they do and it just goes absolutely insane and it was funny, but for me it went on slightly too long. This film also has a lot of swearing, I think it went over the top and it is just constant and took me out the movie.

Overall, I rate Sausage Party 4/10! I was so disappointed, but what we got just was not for me. I do hope that this does lead to more animated films with a higher age rating that adults can enjoy.

What did you think of Sausage Party?

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