Don’t Breathe Review

This house looked like an easy target. Until they found what was inside.

Don’t Breathe stars Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto.

Three young thieves look to rob a blind man’s house when they find out that he has a large cash settlement after his daughter died in a car crash. But the blind man isn’t as easier to rob as they thought, he has had training and is a serious threat, so the thieves must try to escape his house with, at least, their lives.

The thing that really impressed most about this film was the performance by Stephen Lang. He is very believable as a blind veteran and to start with, when you think he is a nice old man, you are fine but then when it switches you start to really get freaked out by this blind man who has incredible skill, given that he can’t see anything. You would not want to be locked in his house and that really builds the suspense for the characters as you follow their journey trying to escape this, seemingly, inescapable house. The use of lighting was really effective as well. As this man is blind, it makes that there wouldn’t be any lights on in the house and that really sets the tone and adds to the tenseness of the film.

However, even though the film is very tense and the blind man is scary, I was never really scared. If you go into this film thinking it is a horror, like I did, then you are wrong. The film is more a thriller, which is where I think the film went wrong. I would have liked to see this as more of a horror film than it is. There is one jump scare and there is a scene which reveals a very creepy twist about the blind man. I, also, didn’t appreciate how much this film made you think that the blind man was down but actually wasn’t, we have all seen horror films and know that characters are not dead until we actually see them dead and it is no longer a surprise when it happens.

Overall, I rate Don’t Breathe 7/10! Seeing Stephen Lang in this has really convinced me that he would be a good Cable in Deadpool 2.

What did you think of Don’t Breathe?

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