Ouija: Origin of Evil Review

The sort of Prequel to a film that sucked. Why did we even get this film?

Ouija: Origin of Evil stars Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, Annalise Basso and Henry Thomas.

In 1960’s Los Angeles, a single mother is scamming families by pretending to contact dead relatives for money. When the woman and her two daughters, add a Ouija board to their stunt, the youngest daughter, Doris, is intrigued by the board, she is possessed by a spirit and given a skill to speak to people who have died. Is she putting it on? or can her family save her before the spirit takes over?

With Ouija disappointing audiences two years ago, there was not much anticipation for this prequel film in the franchise. Having seen a few reviews saying that this film was better, I went into this film looking forward to it and I was not disappointed. The cast really impressed me, particularly the creepy girl, Doris, (played by Lulu Wilson) is perfect and at times you wonder whether she is just a weird child or if she is actually possessed. This girl is the real standout from the film and stands above the others in the film. Children are often used in horror films and can sometimes fall flat or be over acting, but Lulu Wilson is perfect for the role and delivers a really good performance.

The scares were really good and effective and had you on the edge on your seat. Doris is perfectly creepy and there are few jump scares and more really clever scares where it leaves it slightly longer than normal for the actual scare, making your mind wander.

I had a couple of problems with the film however. Firstly, I felt that the story is quite basic and it is quite stereotypical as a horror film, but it is really effective and it works. The other problem I have is that I did not like the ending, I won’t spoil it but there isn’t really a resolution to the problem and the ending is unclear as to what actually happens and as the part you see right at the end, this is what is fresh in your mind as you leave the cinema and it is frustrating as it ruins the film for me.

Overall, I rate Ouija: Origin of Evil 6/10! If you are look for a decent horror film to watch this Halloween this will certainly keep you entertained.

What did you think of Ouija: Origin of Evil?

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