Silence Review

Sometimes silence is the deadliest sound.

Silence stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Yosuke Kubozuka and Tadanobu Asano.

In the 1600’s, a priest goes missing in Japan when Christianity is banned and priests are banned from entering the country. Two Portuguese priests travel to Japan, unaware of how bad the situation is in the country, they arrive and try to bring Christianity back to the forefront of Japanese religion.

The main thing that stood out to me was how well this film was shot. It used colour very well and had a beautiful landscape of Japan to work with. The film is nearly 3 hours long and you don’t feel it. The first hour went by very quickly and it isn’t until the film slightly slows down that you notice how long it is. I felt like it was paced very well and is consistent throughout the entire film. The performances were another positive, Andrew Garfield continues to impress and he has clearly grown as an actor over the past few years and I can not wait to see Hacksaw Ridge, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination. You really feel for the Christians and that is mostly due to the brilliant performance by Garfield, and the well cast Japanese Christians. It was also good to see Adam Driver, with out his mask and lightsaber, proving how versatile he is and that he has a big future ahead of him, no doubt earning nominations in the future. It really did feel like there was a good and bad side like in most action films and I felt that the Inquisitors were portrayed very well and everytime they appear, you become worried for the characters.

My only problems with the film was that at points it did become repetitive, but I feel like it was intentional. It was frustrating but in a way it adds to the story at the sometime. When the film does slow down, you notice it and are taken out of the film. There were also points as to when I couldn’t fully understand some of the lines spoken because of the thick accent by the Japanese, but I was still able to get the idea behind what they were saying. I also felt that the ending was dragged out slightly longer than it should have been. I felt that there were points slightly before which would have worked better than what was chosen.

Overall, I rate Silence 9/10! A very good film but we should have expected that from Martin Scorsese.

What did you think of Silence?

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