La La Land Review

Did not think I would be excited for a musical!

La La Land stars Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend and J. K. Simmons.

Mia is an aspiring actress working a cafe until she gets her big break, when she crosses paths with Sebastian, a Jazz pianist working small jobs until he can make his own Jazz bar. While they are pursuing their dreams, they must decide between their career or each other.

This film had a lot of buzz surrounding it long before it opened, looking to be up for awards. Now they have already won 6 Golden Globes and have been nominated for 11 BAFTAs. Does it live up to the hype?

Yes it does! Everything about this film was perfect. I will start with the performances, you only really get to spend time with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s characters, but their performances were outstanding. The best performance either of the two actors have done in their career until now. They have obviously worked together before, in such films as Gangster Squad and Crazy Stupid Love, but their chemistry is just so good and they fit both characters perfectly. I have not been a big fan of Ryan Gosling but he was incredibly impressive in this role. Emma Stone’s character felt like one she had done before, and she still got herself, but she lifted the performance to above what we normally expect from her.

Obviously a big part of this film is the music and it is really good. It fit the film perfectly. Sometimes it musicals, you find that the music has been squished in too unnaturally and doesn’t really fit, but every time there was a song it flowed from the film smoothly and felt weirdly natural. My favourite song was probably the opening song, but this film is full of really good songs, which I would not be surprised if they made into in the charts.

Overall, I rate La La Land 10/10! A perfect film, I could not find any flaws with it. It is an instant classic and it somehow felt like a classic hollywood film set in modern times.  A must see for fans of classic cinema.

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