T2 Trainspotting Review

Thankfully, not a remake of The Terminator T2!

T2 Trainspotting stars Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, Ewen Bremmer and Anjela Nedyalkova.

Twenty years after the events of the first film, Mark returns to Scotland, where his old friends, Spud, Sick Boy and a recently escaped from prison, Begbie are waiting for him, to answer for the money he took from them.

The main positive about the sequel is that it does a really good job of continuing the franchise. I don’t think a sequel was necessarily needed but it worked. We see how the characters have evolved in the twenty years and it feels like a natural progression, and they have actually grown up in twenty years. I had watched the first film just before going to see the second and it works. The film features a lot of nods to the first and is definitely for fans of the first, I do not think the film would be as enjoyable if you had not seen the first one. Danny Boyle’s style is always an extra positive for any of his films, his excellent cinematography and use of colour is always a good thing.

However, my main problem with the film is that there isn’t really a story. It is just Mark’s return to Scotland for two hours, and I expected a bit more from it. I wanted a narrative to follow and don’t think what we saw needed to be as long as it was. I would have liked the group to have more of a reason to come together.

Overall, I rate T2 Trainspotting 7/10! If you are a fan of Trainspotting, you will enjoy it, and will definetly need a watch again before seeing this sequel. I don’t have too much to say about this film, as there isn’t too much to say.

What did you think of T2 Trainspotting?

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  1. I think this sequel was more of a present to the fans from Danny Boyle and the rest of the cast and crew who worked on the original Trainspotting. I disagree the film did have much of a narrative but the difference is that narrative was very special because of the messages it was sending. And those messages resonated with me.

    From the first film the message was “Choose Life” and the second film it was “Become addicted to something else” Yes, the film had many nods to the original and as a fan of the first film that made me jump with joy. It was nice to see how the characters have not really changed in the last 20 years except well they’ve gotten older of course, ha ha. But it mimics real life to, people don’t really change but when you’re friends are their to support you then they can help that change in you become a reality.

    For example, let’s talk about Spud for a second shall we? Now we know that Renton’s character felt sorry for Spud. So he helped him kick the drugs by showing him alternatives to taking drugs. Then when Spud met Veronica he was able to get off the drugs completely and focus on his stories.

    Even the character of Begbie we find out he had a son. We even get to find out why he was such a loose cannon to begin with. This was because his father was a drunk lunatic too. Since there was no mention of his mother. We are left to assume that Begbie only had his father so he mimicked his actions. He even shows remorse when he goes to speak with his wife and son. Telling the boy he’s passing over the mantle of “The Man of the house”. Even before than he was trying to get his son into his line of work because he desperately wanted a connection. But alas he chose anger and went after Renton, Spud, and Sick Boy. Instead of simply forgiving Renton

    Finally Sick Boy, we know that in the film he told Renton that Veronica was his girlfriend. We hear him say it multiple times through out the film. But despite this, Renton still betrayed him having a sort of relationship with her. So the theme of “Betrayal” was very much noticeable here.

    I would say this film does well to mimic real life. Where as Hollywood blockbusters don’t. We watch blockbusters as a way to escape reality. But the Trainspotting franchise is much more down to Earth.

    Also there was many many nods to the original and that was fantastic.

    I will give this movie a 10/10 as I enjoyed every second of it.

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