Arrival Review

Why are they here?

Arrival stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker and some aliens.

Twelve mysterious alien ships land at random places across the planet. The governments bring in specialist scientists and professors to help communicate with the aliens. Louise Banks, an expert in languages is brought into meet the aliens and help try to understand why they have come to Earth and if they pose humanity any threat.

I know I am a couple of months late to seeing Arrival, but with the Oscar nominations I thought I need to see it and managed to go to a screening of the film at my local cinema. I had a heard of lot of mixed messages about the film, but going more towards the positive end with some people really loving the film, so I had high expectations but I remember not being completely sold on the film by the trailers.

The film has two very big positives for me. The story is solid and there is a good twist which I was not expecting, but the big positives for me were the beautiful cinematography and the excellent score, which both boost the film. Bradford Young (the cinematographer) clearly has an excellent eye for beautiful shots, using some incredible landscape shots that look astonishing. Currently, he is working on Star Wars spin-off, Han Solo, which means we will get an incredible looking film in the Star Wars universe. Johann Johannsson, who worked with director, Denis Villeneuve, provides the excellent score, which created tension and a sense of unease for the aliens.

My only real complaint was that I felt that the ending is left slightly unclear and is slightly confusing, but there are pieces of information in the film as to where you could piece together what would have happened.

Overall, I rate Arrival 9/10! I was thoroughly surprised about the film and definitely recommend giving it a watch.

What did you think of Arrival?

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