Rings Review

First you watch it. Then you die!

Rings stars Matilda Anna Ingrid Luts, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Vincent D’Onofrio and Bonnie Morgan.

Julia’s boyfriend, Holt, goes off to college. When he starts to ignore her calls and messages she goes looking for him. When she arrives, she finds that he has watched a video that will kill him in seven days unless he finds someone to watch a copy he made of the video. Julia sacrifices herself for him, but her video is different. Julia and Holt go looking for the reasons why her video was different, leading them to Samara’s origin.

Another reboot of a franchise. The only positive thing I can think is that there are some good ideas and moments in the film, however the execution, for the majority, is not good. There are a lot of ways that they could have bought The Ring franchise into the modern-day with smart phones, laptops, the internet and screens everywhere. It tries to do this when Samara comes out of a flat screen TV which worked  and was probably the best part of the film.

Onto the negatives and there are quite a few things. First, the cast did not act well. You could argue that they have a poor script to work from, but that does not excuse the poor delivery by members on the cast. The leads were poor and had no chemistry, even actors we know can do better, like Vincent D’Onofrio, suffered from the poor script and story, and Johnny Galecki should stick to playing Leonard, although making him a science professor in the film was pretty funny.

For a horror film, it is not scary. I like Samara as a character and I think, if used properly, she could be scary, like in the first film in the franchise. the jump scares are predictable so you prepare yourself for them and then you don’t jump so you aren’t scared. The story isn’t scary and at no point do you fear the lives of the characters.

Overall, I rate Rings 3/10! I could not find a way to enjoy this film, which is a shame because I would have liked to see more from a solid horror franchise.

What did you think of Rings?

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