Logan Review (No Spoilers)

Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine.

Logan stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holdbrook, Stephen Merchant and Richard E. Grant.

In 2029, the mutant population has nearly died out and Logan has gone into hiding with an ill Professor X. When the professor starts to communicate with a new mutant, Logan refuses to find her but when she turns up, being hunted by the people who created her. Logan will be forced to take the professor and Laura on a trip to make sure the new mutants will be safe from the dark forces that are after them.

After the huge success of Deadpool, Fox decide to give us the bloody Wolverine that we always wanted to see on the big screen and it is perfect for Hugh Jackman’s final installment as the clawed hero.

Positives. The biggest positive for me was the addition of Laura, Dafne Keen played the character well and set her up to hopefully take over from Wolverine in the X-men Universe, because someone is going to have a very tough time taking over from Hugh Jackman. The character really helps to see a different side of Wolverine, that we got shades of when Wolverine looked after Rogue in the first X-men films, and this is where Hugh Jackman showed his talent and puts in his best performance as Logan. Unlike most big blockbusters, this film is not crammed full of much CGI, apart from Wolverine’s claws it doesn’t have much meaning that the focus is more on the character and story arcs through the film.

Negatives. At times the film is a big slow but it soon brings back the pace with an action piece. Like most Marvel movies, the villain is quite forgettable. I liked Boyd Hollbrook’s character (Pierce) and thought he made a good antagonist, but his employer was forgettable and did not do much for the film. A small negative about the film, for me, was the score. At times, I felt that it stood out and did not fit the scene that was occurring, but that was a couple of moments throughout the film.

Hugh Jackman will be thoroughly missed as Wolverine.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Also there is nothing after the credits, so you don’t need to stay.

What did you think of Logan?

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