Cars 3 Review

It’s not over until lightning strikes.

Cars 3 stars Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Larry the Cable Guy and Armie Hammer.

Lightning McQueen is at the top of his game, winning race after race, then all of a sudden a new competitor arrives and changes the racing game forever. A new generation is taking over and Lightning must decide if has become too old to continue or if he has enough in him to take back his crown.

Positives. Animation has come a long way recently. I said it during my review of Moana, which looked incredible and Cars 3 also looks incredible. Anytime you see a car from behind or above, it feels like it could be real but then you see the eyes on the Cars and you are reminded of the universe you are watching. Another positive is that we get a lot less Mater in this film, he felt like Jar Jar Binks in Cars 2 and was given far too much screen time, with this film he has a very minor role and the film is all about Lightning McQueen.

Negatives. The story is pretty poor, it feels a lot more like a sequel than Cars 2 did, and Cars 2 is not even addressed so may as well of not happened. But this film is just missing the heart that we got in the first Cars film. It felt lazy and a film that we did not need to see. It retreads a lot of things from the first Cars film and it is really obvious and makes the film feel worse than it is. We have now had 3 Cars films and we are only just getting a sequel to The Incredibles next year. I think the story is over from how they finish this film, so I don’t think we will see Cars 4 and I hope we don’t. Pixar can do way better than this film.

Pixar please stop giving us poor sequels, give us new films to love as much as everyone loved Inside Out. I would rather have a fresh film than Toy Story 4.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

What did you think of Cars 3?

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