The Dark Tower Review

There are other worlds than these.

The Dark Tower stars Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Taylor, Claudia Kim, Jackie Earle Haley, Abbey Lee, Katheryn Winnock and Dennis Haysbert.

Jake keeps having dreams of a place where the Man in Black is taking children who are the only people who can be used to destroy The Dark Tower. Jake travels to this world where he meets a gunslinger who can help him bring down The Man in Black.

Positives. I really liked the world it builds especially Mid-World, where the Gunslinger and the Man in Black are from, I thought the place is different and was interesting and something I would have liked to see more of but I liked what we got. Idris Elba was the best part of the film, not only is he good and does the best with what he is given, his character was the most interesting part of the film and has a couple of good action scenes.

Negatives. This film is a waste. Having not read the books, I didn’t know what to expect too much going in but I know it is a series that has been floating around in development hell going from either a TV show back to films multiple times and a big problem is that the film feels rushed. The film is only 95 minutes long and really could have done with being a bit longer. The first act goes by really quickly and everything just happens straight after each other and I think it needed that set up, especially for the audience to get to know Jake more. Speaking of Jake, I don’t think he was the character who should lead the film, The Gunslinger should be. The Gunslinger is so much more interesting as a character and more likable, I would have much rather seen The Gunslinger come to our world and looking for Jake, than the other way round.

Wasted potential, I could see a TV show working better.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

What did you think of The Dark Tower?

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