IT Review

IT follows a group of children as they investigate the missing children in their town of Derry. They all soon discover they are being targeted by a scary creature that threatens the entire group and their town.

Growing up I was never the biggest horror movie fan, however over the last couple of years, I have grown to appreciate and love some horror films and with film franchises such as Insidious (The first 2 anyway) and The Conjuring being great horror films, even more recently with Get Out and Don’t Breathe proving that it was not just James Wan who could make good horror. So I went into this film with high expectations, especially after loving the marketing for the film, I was looking forward to actually being scared, as I don’t scare too easily, however this film is not a horror film. Do not go into this film thinking that you are going to watch something like The Conjuring, which is horror in the traditional sense, but this film is more of an adventure film with a lot of horror moments in it and those moments are great and definitely disturbing. While watching the film, I got more of a Stand By Me vibe than a horror just because the focus is on the group of children and their dynamic and friendship.

When the first image of Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise was released, I was with the majority of people who didn’t like the look. For me it was more about the actual outfit rather than the face paint, but as the trailers were released I grew to like it more and more, and as soon as you see him in the film you release how scary and crazy he looks. Bill Skarsgard deserves a lot of credit as well, he gives a fantastic, creepy performance as the dancing clown. This version will go down as one of the greatest horror villains in recent years.

Speaking of performances, every single member of The Losers Club does a great job. They are great characters, all given enough time and personality to stand out from each other. Something that will be hard to replicate in the sequel is the friendship and bond you feel from young group and that carries the film, every single member is great and they all deserve praise for carrying this film and making it as good as it is.

Overall, I did enjoy the film, more so seeing it a second time when I adjusted to the type of film that I knew was coming. I would have liked to be more scared than I was, but I understand that isn’t the point of the film.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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