Goodbye Christopher Robin Review

Goodbye Christopher Robin follows the story of how playwriter A. A. Milne came up with the idea of Winnie the Pooh, with the help of his son, after going through PTSD following the first World War.

I’m a huge fan of Domhnall Gleeson, I think he’s one of the best working actors around at the moment. Since his performance in the outstanding Ex Machina, his star power has been on the rise and gone from strength to strength, turning in great performances every time on-screen, and his performance as A. A. Milne is another impressive performance. I would like to see him nominated when it comes to award season, but I don’t think he will be, maybe the odd nomination but I’m sure there will be other equally strong performances, or better performances, to come. However, it is only a matter of time before he gets a nomination. A. A. Milne is an interesting character, struggling with PTSD, trying to write and not knowing what to do with his son. Gleeson brings all this and you really can see the internal struggle of the character.

Margot Robbie is another actress who had a very quick rise after her performance in The Wolf of Wall Street then starring in Suicide Squad. She has never really majorly impressed being a standout in the film because of her acting talent. She definitely has talent and was a positive part of Suicide Squad, but her character in this film was a difficult role to play. The character, Daphne (A. A. Milne’s wife) is extremely unlikable and almost feels like a villain of the film, I don’t know how she was in real life, so it might be accurate representation. As she is Australian, I wasn’t sure what type of English accent she would go for, but it isn’t a strong one. There were times when her accent went a bit in and out of her over the top English accent to a regular accent.

The story itself is really interesting, you get a good shift through the story as you initially follow A. A. Milne and his journey to coming up with the stories, then after the book is released you follow his son, Christopher Robin Milne and you see how the famous Winnie the Pooh character affected his life. Will Tilston does a reasonable job portraying Christopher Robin, sometimes his facial expressions felt very over the top, but I was impressed by his delivery of certain lines, proving the young actor has talent.

Simon Curtis does a good job at bringing this interesting story to life. I also give credit to the film for being shot very well, having beautiful cinematography, using the English countryside beautifully and creating a fantasy, magic feel to the forest.

Overall, Goodbye Christopher Robin is an interesting story which taught me a lot about how the world-famous stories came to be.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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