Happy Death Day Review

It’s come to that time of year when one horror film tries to be the best one at Halloween that everyone goes to see. With Jigsaw already having the built-in fan-base of the Saw franchise, Happy Death Day is released a week earlier allowing the films to not compete and horror fans to enjoy both (unless they would just watch both).

Tree Gelbman wakes up on the morning of her birthday after a heavy night out, that night she is murdered. She then wakes up on the morning of her birthday reliving the day again, each time she is murdered the day is reset. She must work out who is murdering her so she can prevent dying and live to see the next day.

When people ask what this film, everyone will say “It’s a horror Groundhog Day” and it is. And that could have gone really badly but thankfully it turned out pretty good. From the tone of the film, I was reminded a lot of the Scream franchise. It doesn’t break the fourth wall as much or avoid the cliches of horror films but it does it in a way where you can have fun with what you are seeing on-screen and you can have a good time as the audience is trying to work out who the killer is.

The film isn’t particularly scary and works more as a murder mystery as you try to who the killer is and how they will kill Tree next. The baby mask was definitely creepy and I wouldn’t be shocked to see a few of those around this Halloween, if people can’t do Pennywise from IT.

I would have liked to have more scares, it could have even done that by upping the blood and making the deaths more extreme, and I was expecting more jump scares at least. The ending was a little bit weaker than I would have liked, it does bring the film down but when you have been trying to work out who it is the entire film it is normally a little disappointing as your mind can make a better scenario than the one the writer has gone with.

None of the performances by any are particularly outstanding, there is no major Hollywood actor in the film and the lead is Jessica Rothe, who does a really good job of leading the film considering this is her first big lead role and on IMDB it even has her tiny role in La La Land before this film, but I do expect to see more from her now she is proven.

Overall, Happy Death Day is a fun film and will give you your fix of horror until you wait for Jigsaw to be released. Jigsaw will have to return to the heights of the first couple of films to be on the same level as this film. I had a good time.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What did you think of Happy Death Day?

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