Thor: Ragnarok Review (No Spoilers)

Thor has always been one of my favourite characters in the MCU. I enjoyed his first film and even enjoyed The Dark World slightly more than most people did. When it was announced that Hulk was going to be in the film and it was going to be directed by one of the funniest directors working, I was very excited for the film and had it down as my second most anticipated film of 2017, only behind Star Wars.

Thor: Ragnarok follows Thor two years after the events of Age of Ultron, where we last saw the God of Thunder. He is still looking into the visions given to him by Scarlet Witch, when he returns to Asgard he finds everything is not quite how he left it and then when the Goddess of Death, Hela, turns up chaos ensues and Thor ends up on the world of Sakaar, where he is captured before meeting an old friend who will help him return to Asgard and defeat Hela.

From the trailers you could tell that this was going to be one of the funniest Marvel films to date and it definitely is. Every character involved has some great funny moments, you don’t bring on Taika Waititi to do a serious film. However, at times it did feel like the film could have benefited from not going for the joke all the time and using some of the impactful moments to help make the movie more powerful, instead of taking the audience out of the moment to laugh. There are a couple of moments as well where it felt like the film was going somewhere then takes an immediate stop to make a joke, and it didn’t work and took me out of the film, even if it was funny. With some of the moments in the film it did make me wonder whether Taika Waititi was the right director for the job. He is a great director but I just question whether he had been more suitable to do a Spider-man film or Guardians of the Galaxy or something else that can be more of a comedy, but I felt this film should have been a mix of impactful moments and comedy.

Another Marvel film means we get another disappointing Marvel villain. I was really excited for Hela and I had a lot of theories going around in my head about what she was going to do and how badass she was going to be. Apart from a couple of great moments, she spends a lot of time moaning and some of her decisions felt odd compared to other things she would do. I loved the look, I loved Cate Blatchett in the role but I was just expecting more and hoping it would be a turn around for Marvel Villains.

I don’t want to say too much else incase I spoil anything but Thor is good, The Hulk is great and looks incredible (maybe the best Hulk we have seen), Loki is good, some great sneaky cameos, The Grandmaster is fun, apart from some questionable CGI with one specific scene the film looks great and feels part of the MCU.

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok is not the best Marvel film but it is up there because of great moments, great characters and some hilarious jokes, which don’t always land mixed with some odd choices that didn’t always work for me.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What did you think of Thor: Ragnarok?

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