Justice League Spoiler Talk

This is my spoiler review of Justice League, I will be talking about points in the film that are considered spoilers so if you don’t want to know anything about the film then watch the film then come back.

A big point of the film is the return of Superman, and it really bothered me. Everyone knew that he is coming back from the dead. At the end of Batman v Superman, you see the dirt start to rise from the top of his coffin but apparently that just means nothing for the film, as the Justice League brings him back by putting him in the pool in his ship mixed with a Mother Box and The Flash’s lighting. Therefore the end of BvS means literally nothing and was just for the fans to know that Superman would return. His return doesn’t go as planned as he then proceeds to fight the Justice League, in a great scene as you are reminded of the power and strength of Superman. But then after Batman brings out the “big gun”Lois Lane (Remember that The Flash said in BvS that Lois was the key), Superman goes back to normal and becomes the new more positive Superman who smiles, which I don’t think he has in either of his previous appearances. No black hair or mullet unfortunately.

The post credit scenes were mixed. The first one is all fan service as The Flash and Superman prepare to race, it is light-hearted and I am pretty sure it was filmed by Joss Whedon as it is far too bright to be Zach Snyder. It wasn’t needed but oh well.

The second post credit scene is great. You see that Lex Luther has escaped Arkham Asylum and is now living on a boat as he welcomes, my favourite DC character, Deathstroke (Played by Joe Manganiello) as Lex plans to start-up his own super villain team to compete with the Justice League. The Legion of Doom or Injustice League will likely turn up if not in the next Justice League, it will be in Justice League 3, instead of Darkseid, probably to avoid the obvious comparisons with Marvel. The Legion of Doom allows DC to choose the villains that fans like most to return, I imagine that there will be more Batman villains in the team and Black Manta also seems pretty certain to me. But just give me more Deathstroke and I will be happy, I really hope he turns up in the Batman solo film, but with his own film in development, it won’t be needed. Seeing Deathstroke on the big screen for the first time is a moment I will never forget.

During a flash back scene to when Steppenwolf and the army of Parademons where previously on Earth, you see Atlantians and Amazonians fighting alongside a mix of characters including a Green Lantern who dies but the green ring shoots of looking for a new Green Lantern. You also get a look at a male character shooting lighting, this could be a nod towards Shazam, or more likely to be Greek God, Zeus. An exciting tease to fans of characters to come who will help expand this universe.

It looks like there is an exciting future for the DCEU to come.

What did you think of Justice League? Who else will make up the Legion of Doom?

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