Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler Talk

This is my spoiler talk for Star Wars: The Last Jedi where I will breakdown the major moments of the film and give my opinion on what happened, what worked and what didn’t work, so if you haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet go and see it, then come back here to see my thoughts on what happened.

So as we knew, TLJ picks up straight where the The Force Awakens left off. The Resistance are fleeing their base as they are being attacked by The First Order. Here we pick up with Poe as he looks to destroy a Dreadnought along with the Resistance bombers, which all get blown up. This is the first point in the film where we get to see how small the resistance is and now with no bombers, the size is quickly decreasing, something which continues through the entire film. Finn then wakes up after having his back sliced in TFA and asks where Rey is.

Here with move to what everyone wanted to see, Rey hands over Anakin’s lightsaber to Luke who looks at briefly then throws it off the edge, showing that Luke didn’t want to teach her. This move was received mixed reactions, thinking it fits the character that we get to see, but on the other hand it is the lightsaber that Obi-Wan Kenobi gave him and should have a lot of meaning to Luke, as well as we have been waiting for this moment for 2 years to see what was going to happen when they meet and they go for a laugh, so I can understand both sides.

We cut back to Resistance after bursting from lightspeed just to be tracked by The First Order where we get to an odd moment after Kylo Ren leads a group of tie fighters to take down some Resistance ships. Unsurprisingly, Kylo decides not to shoot Leia but the others do and we see the room get blown up (RIP Admiral Ackbar) and Leia is sucked out. At this point, I thought that Leia was dead, but no we get to see Leia using the force to pull herself back into the ship. This was a really weird moment. We have not seen on film , Leia using the force in such a way so it was a bit odd and felt out-of-place and she looked a bit like a witch flying across. I understand what they were going for but I would have preferred something for more subtle and smaller than her suddenly being able to use the force perfectly.

We come to one of the best aspects of The Last Jedi, Rey and Kylo Ren’s connection. I didn’t think too much into it and just thought they could sense each other. I really like the dynamic and chemistry between the characters and actors who do such a good job in leading this film, and leading the franchise in the future.

I loved Luke throughout this entire film, when he finally agrees to train Rey, it worked for me and the grumpiness and reluctance to train him. I liked the reason why Luke ended up turning Ben to the dark side, but I didn’t need to see it 3 times to see 3 different versions of the story. Just once would have been enough and I would have liked to have seen more of Ben destroying the temple and taking other students.

A whole story that did not work for me was Finn and Rose’s story. It did not feel like Star Wars to me and doesn’t serve any real purpose to the overall story. The entire Canto Bight story felt out-of-place and would have suited Valerian more than it suits Star Wars. Finn was a great character in The Force Awakens, but his character continues to be on the run and is wasted on this story that shouldn’t have been there. With there being so much mystery surrounding Benicio’s Del Toro’s character, it was a surprise to find that his role was so small and that Benicio is completely wasted in the role.

Going back to Luke’s island, after Rey leaves, Luke goes to burn down the “force tree” and we get a fantastic scene with Yoda. It was so good to see the little green Jedi master, once again and in puppet form, reminding Luke of a lesson and showing he still has his humour and wisdom after becoming one with the force. I wasn’t surprised that we didn’t get any Obi-Wan just because it would either had to have been CGI Alec Guinness or Ewan Mcgregor in old man make up, which wouldn’t have worked. I would have perhaps liked to have seen a force ghost Darth Vader, perhaps luring Kylo more and making him sure in the dark side, maybe in episode 9.

Another great scene is when Rey is brought before Snoke. I had predicted that Snoke would die and I wasn’t surprised that Kylo is the one who did it. The revelations that Snoke is no one and Rey’s parents were noone make sense, and didn’t bother me too much either way.

I fell completely for it when Luke turned up at the Resistance base on Crait and faced Kylo. When Kylo tells every gun to shoot on Luke, I was worried but knew if he survived it would be epic and it was epic. When they meet face to face and Luke is dodging, I had a huge smile on my face but then when it is revealed that he has been on his island all along, I got goosebumps, just proving that Luke is the biggest badass ever. I was sad that he becomes one with the force but it is so beautifully done that I can’t complain too much, and we will definitely see him again in 9.

The final scene with broom boy did slightly annoy me. It felt very Disney and did not feel needed. I felt like I knew other force users were out there and the ending was an odd place to put the scene, I would have perhaps liked it earlier on or even in Episode 9.

That is all for my breakdown of The Last Jedi. I really love the film, it has so many great moments and the characters are fantastic. Because of this film, I am more excited for Solo and Episode 9 and the future of the Star Wars universe.

What moments did you enjoy? What didn’t you enjoy? What is your speculation going into Episode 9?

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