Darkest Hour Review

This was one of the earliest “Oscar” films that I heard about this year with it’s rumours about Gary Oldman’s strong performance and being an early favourite to compete with Daniel Day-Lewis for the Oscar for best performance by a male actor in a film, so naturally I had very high hopes expectations going into this film.

Darkest Hour follow the story of Winston Churchill as he is forced to become Prime Minister during the Second World War to a country that was losing a war and his own party didn’t believe in his ability.

I was disappointed by this film. I had very high expectations because of what I had heard about the film. But Gary Oldman carries the film for the entirety of the two hours of the film. You truly lose Gary Oldman and only see Winston Churchill (a lot of credit god to the make up artists) in a spooky but incredible way. Gary is one of the best actors working and I hope he gets the Oscar he deserves (even though I have not seen Daniel Day-Lewis in The Phantom Thread yet). He rest of the cast bring strong performances too, not doubt being upped by the power of Mr Oldman, Ben Mendelsohn and Lily James being the two stand outs for me.

As I said I was disappointed by the film as a whole I struggled to keep interest and found that scenes dragged on when I was wanting the story to develop more. Towards the middle,I was hoping for the story to really get going but it lost momentum and drags out the rest of the events. I would have liked to have seen the story happening quicker and seeing more of what happened after Churchill gives his amazing speech.

Another annoying point, isn’t just about this film but films in general, I have increasingly noticed poor editing in that I can see someone is clearly saying something different to what their mouth is saying, typically when focusing on another character. I don’t know if this is because they want the audience to see more of the other character and their reaction or if it is a genuine mistake or even if I am just noticing it more, but please Hollywood stop it.

Overall, a good film and worth a viewing to learn more about this Great British hero and how his term as Prime Minister started. Well done to Gary Oldman.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

What did you think of Darkest Hour?

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