Coco Review

Before talking about the film fully I have to say that I have been annoyed that we could not see this film earlier than we have. America got this film in November and only now has it come to the UK. Come on Disney, sort that out.

Coco follows the story of Miguel, a young boy who wants to chase his dream of being a musician but can’t after his family ban music all together. On Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), Miguel steals a guitar and ends up in the land of the dead, he must try to find his way back home before sunrise.

I enjoyed this film, I had a good time watching it, and it makes a really refreshing change to see a Disney film focused on Mexican/Spanish culture and in that it makes the film feel unique and different to what we have seen from Disney, and something I would definitely like to see more of.

The music is fantastic throughout the entire film. The music is obviously a big part of the story, and again adds to the uniqueness of the film, we have not seen or heard this music in a Disney film based on this culture, let alone a Pixar film. The guitar is a big part of the film and it’s a constant in the score and fits perfectly.

The colour is fantastic and bright throughout and helps add build the world of the dead and makes it a beautiful looking place, the gorgeous orange colour used for the leaves throughout is used really well. Animation continues to improve and get more and more realistic, obviously the big eyes and the skeletons don’t look real, but there are some small touches in the background which make it look so real and beautiful.

Unfortunately, the basic plot itself isn’t as unique as the rest of the ingredients. The story follows basic clichés and is predictable throughout. This doesn’t take away too much from the film, but I would like for it to have done more to change the film more and just make it standout from the crowd from the story point of view. This is my only real down about the film, so it is frustrating.

Overall, Coco is a good, enjoyable film from Pixar with a great idea, solid characters, brilliant colour but the basic, predictable points in the film hold it back from being one of Pixar’s best.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

What did you think of Coco?

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