Phantom Thread Review

I wouldn’t normally say a film about a man who makes dresses is the type of film that I normally go for, but when Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson are involved then it becomes a must watch.

Set in 50’s England, Reynolds Woodcock is a clothes designer for the rich and elite people in London. When he comes across a young woman, Alma, and they fall for each other and Alma tries to fit in with Reynolds’ unique and structured life.

The focus of the film is mostly on the relationship and a lot of credit goes to Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps as you really feel this relationship and become invested in these two characters.

Expectedly, Daniel Day-Lewis is fantastic and deserves the Oscar nomination. The creepy, childish character that he plays is just beautifully odd and you see the film more through Alma’s eyes for the start of the film and then at a point it flips and you see the film final act of the film from Reynolds’ point of view, and for that I give credit to PTA. A great performance from Daniel Day-Lewis to round out his career, but I hope he does come back from retirement. Maybe his next character is someone who is retired. I don’t think he will win the Oscar this year because of the really strong performance by Gary Oldman, but I am sure he will receive some other recognition at some stage.

Paul Thomas Anderson also deserves this nomination. I think the story is really well told, you get some great cinematography, some beautiful set design, great costumes and PTA brings the best out of everyone involved.

If I have one problem with the film, it is that the film is slightly too long, but I don’t know what it could cut but because of the audiences focus being on the characters and not the story I think that makes the film drag very slightly towards the end as you just want something to happen, which it does.

Overall, Phantom Thread is a really good film that deserves the Oscar nominations that it has, with great performances and technically fantastic.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What did you think of Phantom Thread?

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