Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Borat is Sacha Baron Cohen’s most famous character. He’s an incredible actor, who we even saw do a more serious role in my previous review The Trial of the Chicago 7. He has obviously tried to replicate the success of the first Borat movie with Bruno and The Dictator, and of course he had decent success with Ali G Indahouse 4 years before Borat. A few weeks ago it was leaked that there had been test screenings for the sequel, before we released the first trailer and was going to land on Amazon Prime.

The sequel film follows Borat as he is looking for redemption from his Kazakhstani government, after the last film made a mockery of Kazakhstan. So he has to take his daughter as a gift for Donald Trump so America can help the country.

You know what to expect when you’re going into these sort of films. A few shocking moments playing off the shock that some moments were unscripted and featuring real people, particularly the moments featuring Michael Pence and Rudy Giuliani. This film is certainly more political than the first film, especially with Trump being at the fore front of the story, and then when Covid-19 hits during production and Borat spends days with 2 Pro-Conservatives.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s performance is once again incredible, and the fact he manages to stay in character for so long and during everything that he goes through, is outstanding and shows people why he is such a talented actor. Maria Bakalova should also be commended for her role as Borat’s daughter, Tutar, particularly during her interview with creepy Trump friend, Rudy Giuliani.

To summarise, this film is exactly what you want and expect from more Borat, returning in a timely fashion with the US election just days away. If you enjoyed the first Borat and other Baron Cohen films then you will definitely enjoy this sequel and the plenty of laugh out loud and shocking moments that Sacha Baron Cohen puts himself through for laughs and to teach people something.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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